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Fashion Futures

As a master's student at the London College of Fashion (LCF), I am immersed in the Fashion Futures program, focusing on fostering a regenerative and circular fashion industry through technology and innovation for good. My current project delves into the critical role of AI in fashion, scrutinising whether it can support sustainable practices or exacerbate the climate crisis and accelerate fast fashion. Employing methodologies such as systems thinking, world-building, and scenario forecasting, I analyse the existing fashion system to envision and strategise for a more sustainable and ethically driven future.


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An AI-driven film that explores innovative perspectives on sustainable fashion. This film weaves theoretical research with practical experimentation, envisioning a utopian future where communities reclaim and repurpose fashion industry waste. Utilising AI tools for image generation, animation, and narration, the film creates a slightly eerie yet captivating vision of a regenerative fashion system. Through this speculative design approach, "Threads of Change" challenges viewers to reconsider the role of technology and community action in achieving sustainable and ethical fashion practices, highlighting both the potential and pitfalls of technology in shaping our collective future.


This project was an exploration of systems thinking and world-building. Fashion’s entanglement with capitalism fuels unsustainable practices and the climate crisis. Futureshift reimagines the role of AI technology within fashion, to create a speculate a post-capitalist world. AI-driven automation promises the potential to revolutionise fashion by optimising processes, and thereby reducing waste. Yet it also brings risks of mass un-employment and further expedition of fashion production and therefore exacerbation of the climate crisis. In Futureshift, participants take on the role of voters, guided through a non-linear story that takes into account elements like voting, consumption habits, regulation, and universal basic income for garment workers. This explores factors crucial to adopting technologies more sustainably, paving the way for an eco-centric rather than purely techno-centric future.

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A short project based around collectivism. THE TROVE A Collective Wardrobe System (CWS) A ‘holographic’ AI assistant that helps users curate and style their virtual wardrobe, providing personalized fashion recommendations based on individual preferences, body type (takes daily measurements), and occasion.


The Benevolent Dictator - AI and Regenerative Futures. 2024


This project explores the intersection of AI and sustainable fashion within the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Focusing on regenerative and circular futures, it investigates how AI can transform the fashion industry from a major polluter to a leader in sustainability. Through the development of HIVE, a nature-centric wearable AI, the project envisions a future where AI not only enhances decision-making but also ensures accountability and transparency. By analyzing current AI applications in fast fashion and their environmental impacts, the project aims to propose innovative solutions that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and drive systemic change in the industry.

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